The NorthCast S02E15: Relocation

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Transformers: Podcast in Disguise! This week, Jake announces he relocated to St. Paul, Nick announced his relocation to Germany, and also a normal podcast happened! E3 happened, the Twins keep winning, the Wild shift some players around, and LeBron James is nowhere near as nice as Steph Curry. Also a guest star in Kaitlyn Hammill! Continue reading

The NorthCast S02E13: $3.99 Cosmos

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Eating our sorrows, Nick and Jake mourn the Wild loss by stuffing their face with delicious Papa Johns pizza thanks to a Twins win. The also talk about things, but what’s really important here is how delicious this pizza is, provided at half-price from Papa Johns. Better Ingredients, Better Podcast, Papa Jakes. Continue reading

2015 MN Twins Walk-Up Music, Ranked

twins-player-huddleThis morning, the Twins released the player walk-up music for opening day through their Twitter account. With the home opener happening today, what better time is there to make fun of professional baseball players for not knowing enough about music as they train to be a professional athlete on one of the worst major-league teams out there.

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