I Keep Playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and I’m Not Sure Why

borderlands-the-preseqel-the-northcastI played the original Borderlands when it came out on the Xbox 360, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I played mostly by myself, because I didn’t know anyone else who owned the game, and I am not a huge fan of playing co-op with strangers. However, playing it by myself never seemed to hold back my enjoyment. I skipped Borderlands 2, just because I didn’t have the time at that point in my life. I have now gone head-first back in to The Pre-Sequel, and I have been pushing forwards for around 15 hours now. But I can’t seem to figure out why… Continue reading

I Went To The MN Wild’s Viewing Party

mn-wild-xcel-energy-center-new-scoreboardEvery so often, the Wild have an event down at the Xcel Energy Center, sometimes an open practice or some other event I never hear about until after it happens. But because my cousin was at the Wild’s opener on Thursday, he got the drop on this event, and I was able to pop in and see the new scoreboard, while simultaneously watching the Wild game without needing a cable subscription. What followed was quite a shock. Continue reading

Reel Reviews: Dracula Untold

dracula-untoldDracula Untold treads the now crowded genre ground of retelling the classics with a twist. You’ve seen Once Upon A Time, and we all remember The Brothers Grimm as a classic, right? So we all know Dracula will suck, but the reel question is: is it a good suck or a bad suck? Our movie expert Anthony Garnett takes a look… Continue reading