2015 MN Twins Walk-Up Music, Ranked

twins-player-huddleThis morning, the Twins released the player walk-up music for opening day through their Twitter account. With the home opener happening today, what better time is there to make fun of professional baseball players for not knowing enough about music as they train to be a professional athlete on one of the worst major-league teams out there.

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The NorthCast S02E10: Buck Wilderness

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And we’re baaaaaaaack! This week, Nick and Jake explore which type of french fries are the best, more sampling of local MN brew pubs, the potential loss of AP and CP, the Wild’s hot streak, virtual reality, indie games, and we witness the return of the Watrobo Futbol Minuto as the MN United might turn into an MLS team. Continue reading

The NorthCast S02E09: Anything is Possible!

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Nick and Jake both ventured out to see local sporting events, both witnessing historic moments. We also talk in-depth about our experience with Evolve this week, and go over some of the crazier things that have happened this week. Also, we talk about that stupid color-changing dress for some reason. Seriously, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Continue reading