Why Minnesota Fans Are Notoriously Timid

joker-clapMinnesota is the home for people who don’t get excited about things. I have been to several events, ranging from football games, to live concerts, to downhill speed ice skating championships. Each time, I am surprised by our general lack of enthusiam. What causes this? Why are we so timid? Why don’t Minnesotans get excited? Continue reading

Guy Makes Son Play Video Games Chronologically

dad-makes-kid-play-games-chronologicallyAfter writing my article about my video game collection being equivalent to my dad’s record collection, I had many thoughts about how to introduce my kid to video games. One dad, however, was just crazy (or just brilliant) enough to actually take on the project, and he made his kid the center of his video game experiment: what if kids had to play games from the beginning? Continue reading

The Wii U Might NOT Have Become The Console To Beat This Generation

wii-u-system-to-beat-falseOur friends over at HardcoreGamer wrote an article stating that the Wii U might be the console to beat this generation, stemming almost completely from the fact that they were able to load up an online game of Super Smash Brothers without issue. The article states that the PS4 and Xbox One are simply playing second-fiddle to gaming PCs (a part of their argument I happen to agree with). But what we are really looking at here is this: Nintendo is is a one-man fight against itself for 3rd place. Continue reading

Select Start plays WRC POWERSLIDE

select-steat-video-logoSpearheaded from our earlier efforts of the Select Start podcast, a new feature has been added to The NorthCast: live-streaming video! The feeds will be viewable LIVE via Twitch at www.twitch.tv/WatchSelectStart, and will subsequently be archived here on The NorthCast, as well as on our new YouTube Channel. This week, we partake in the 4-player goodness of WRC POWERSLIDE, best describes as a mash-up of Mario Kart and the DiRT series. Continue reading

Sony Brings The PS4 Back To It’s PS1 Roots

ps1-ps4In a continuing act of fan-service, the PS4 got a pretty sweet news to celebrate PlayStation turning 20 today, December 3rd. Sony announced that they would be releasing a limited edition PS1-styled Grey PlayStation 4, and they also have added a theme that brings back the original PlayStation 1 load up noise when you launch your system. Continue reading