Building a PC: A Story of Tedium, Money, and Love

northcast-custom-pcWith one of the best generations of consoles happening right now, I decided to go the complete opposite direction and build myself a custom PC. I have been a console gamer since I was born (with the exception of Age of Empires, Solitaire, and Space Cadet Pinball). So why did I decide to change when things had never been better? Because I am a crazy person.
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The NorthCast S01E23: Bonus Jetes

With Jake on location in Scenic “Jake’s Basement”, we do our first ever podcast with a reporter on location! Jake Skypes in as we talk MN Sports, including the Wild Preseason, Twins End of Season, and Vikings Should We Even Keep Going With The Season. Nick talks NHL 15, Jake live reviews FIFA 15, and Destiny just won’t go away.

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Best Apps For Sports Updates: Ranked

checking-phone-during-sportsMany of you probably know the SportsCenter app is the de-facto app when you want to get sports updates on your phone. But did you also know that it crashes a lot and is terrible? I did, and that led me to play the world’s most dangerous game: downloading a bunch of sports apps and doing some scientific testing, draining my phones battery and data plan like you wouldn’t believe. Continue reading