The NorthCast S02E09: Anything is Possible!

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Nick and Jake both ventured out to see local sporting events, both witnessing historic moments. We also talk in-depth about our experience with Evolve this week, and go over some of the crazier things that have happened this week. Also, we talk about that stupid color-changing dress for some reason. Seriously, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl are Back, This Time On Kickstarter

toejam-and-earl-back-in-the-grooveThe funky fresh crew from Funkotron is back, and this time, they are collecting more than just hip parts: they want your money as well. ToeJam and Earl: Back In The Groove has found it’s way onto Kickstarter (our favorite place here at TNC), and for as little as $15 (or as much as $10k if you want to fly yourself to their offices for a dinner party), you could be in on the action when the game releases. Continue reading

The NorthCast S02E08: Throw It To Mo’

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Kevin Garnett returns to Minnesota, Twins Putchers and Catchers report this week, the Wild continue their hot streak; it’s a great time to be a sports fan in Minnesota! Video games continue to take a dump as studios close and start begging for people to make games for them. Plus, Nick and Jake talk about their Valentine’s Day, which shockingly wasn’t spent together. Continue reading

Bud Light Pac-Man: Best Real Life Video Game Ever

bud-light-pac-manBud Light may have just put out the best real-life adaptation of a video game I have ever seen. Each year, you see people try and move their love of video games off of the screen and into real life. Whether it’s LARPing or whatever the newest way it is to turn go-karts into Mario Kart, there has always been a fascination with video games becoming real. However, the newest Bud Light “Up For Whatever” commercial (most of which I hate) may have actually cracked the code. Continue reading

Two All Star Games on the Same Day

2015-nhl-all-star-game-jerseysThis Year, the NHL and NFL teamed up to have what some are calling the “worst-dressed day in sports history”. For the very first time, two “All Star” games are being held on the same day, January 25th, 2015. And man, did they choose an ugly way to celebrate it. Neon colors have completely erased the Red, White, and Blue jerseys of yesteryear, as players have begun to look like construction workers in high-visibility vests. But don’t let the bright colors distract you: we have entered a new era for all star games. Continue reading